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SECTION 1: BACKGROUND ANALYSIS 1.1.0 Internal Analysis 1.1.1 Company Spicery’s is a small-medium enterprise (SME) that primarily in food production which is mainly made by Malay dried shrimp paste, Belacan and it is established since year 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We own a food products manufacturing factory which is located in Shah Alam, Selangor. Spicery’s is managed and run professionally, fully product-driven and equally focuses on production development as well as sales and marketing to gain public awareness on our food products. According to the Guideline for New SME Definition (2013) issued by SME Corp. Malaysia, for manufacturing company, its sales turnover will not exceeding RM 50 million or hired full-time employees that not exceeding 200 workers. For our company, we hired around 170 employees including factory operators. Spicery’s consists of several functional departments such as Public Relations, Finance, Sales and Marketing, and also Production and Quality Control. Each department is collaborating closely with each other, by well-playing their respective roles to support the business operations including accounting, marketing, purchasing, new product development, factory operation and so forth. Besides that, we possess a formidable and creative pool of research personnel who are professionals in food production and technology, are dedicated to creating new, innovative food products, to enable our company maintain its sustainability in order to stand firm within the food industry in Malaysia. Currently, the management team of Spicery’s plans to export their food products to foreign nation, such as Indonesia, Thailand and China. 1.1.2 Products Spicery’s offers wide range of food products that mainly made by Malay shrimp paste, Belacan, and mixed with finest quality ingredients and Malaysia local spices, blended to

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