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Prismagraphic Wide Format Business Plan Prismagraphic Wide Format is a print shop who is focused on reducing the overall printing price structure, in addition to enabling business-to-business transactions for wide format printing and the graphic art design industry. Prismagraphic Wide Format will also attain a competitive edge by offering services such as website development and e-commerce, which have become essential for any business presence. Prismagraphic Wide Format intends to establish and operate an Internet print shop with services costing significantly less than the prices of its competitors, while supplying superior quality. Incorporating its website and graphic art services, Prismagraphic Wide Format will enable both start-up and existing companies to reduce their printing and e-commerce costs. Highlights of Prismagraphic Wide Format  Breakthrough services. Prismagraphic Wide Format will develop a unique website that provides customers various ways to create vinyl banners, feather banners, pole banners, signage solutions, point of purchase, trade show displays and presentations solutions. A graphic art design center will also be provided, enabling customers to create company logos and other designs essential to their company's identity.  Trademarks. The company plans to register a corporation under the name of and operate under the same name.  Large markets. Recent studies by Forrester Research Inc. reveal that business-tobusiness (B2B) commerce will total $2.7 trillion in revenue by Year 5. The data emphasize that e-marketplaces will be responsible for 53% of all online business trade.  Seasoned management. The company's management is highly experienced and qualified.  Customers. The company will primarily target small and start-up businesses throughout the country. The company will also develop plans

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