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United Business Plan Analysis I. Introduction Company Name and Address The office of the company shall be established at Brookline in the Beacon Street. The address of the company is described below: United 1975 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446 P.O. Box 1234, U.S.A. (617) United Co-owners The co-owners that would participate in building up of the travel agency shall involve four partners namely Kimberly Peters, J.H. Welch, Christa Bentley, and Sandrine Bouchet. The co-owners shall be involved in making key strategic plans and decisions that would be beneficial for the company. Nature of the Business The nature of the business is to set up a travel agency business which will assist travelers in visiting different palaces around the world. The company would charge a certain amount of fee on to their customers for providing them the services and arranging them a comfortable and a reliable way for travelling. The specific target market for the company would include people that are of 55 or older years of age. These are the customers who love to travel individually and as well as in groups. The company will develop an e-commerce website where customers can specify their vacation package according to their own needs. Statement of Financing Needs Initial financing required is $2,105,185, and will be received from venture capitalists and bank loans that will be paid off over 12 years. The invested money from venture capitalists and bank loans will allow United Travel, Inc. (“United”) to cover office space, office equipment and supplies, advertising, technology development, salaries and wages and utilities. This report is confidential and is the property of the co-owners listed above. It is intended only for use by the person to whom it is transmitted and

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