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Name Phase 4 & 5 Individual Projects Course Instructor Date Executive Summary The name of the business is Washington Weekly. It will deal with production of a newspaper, which will serve mainly the people around Washington International Airport. It will be located adjacent to the Emirates Airport. It will operate under a sole proprietorship structure under the management of John Cruz. It will fall under the print media industry. Its major aim will be to publish quality and affordable magazine. The target customers in this business are the personnel at the Washington International Airport, both the employees, passengers, residents and business people or organizations. Advertisement through television, billboards and posters will be used to let more new customers know the publication. The newspaper is expected to have a leading market share. The competition will come from Aero Magazine, UBM Publication and Aviation Post Magazine. The production team will include the advisor, editor in chief, literacy editor, art editor, photo editor, layout editor, photographer and proof reader. All members of management, production and staff will be selected on merit and experience. The business will have its external support from bank for financial advice and the legal system for interpretation of the law. The production facilities include camera, printers, page makers and binding machine. The business products will be produced on weekly basis for a period of one year after which it will be produced on daily basis. The business startup capital will be $ 10000. The capital will be raised through banks, small business enterprise, youth enterprise funds, personal savings, inheritance, microfinance corporations and charity. The money shall be used in buying machinery, equipment, rental and renovation Introduction Media reserves a pivotal role in influencing change in

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