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Business Plan (Teamwork) BZC971 呂信儒493920261 陳柏翰496230112 林怡彤495032379 許儷齡495031210 林玉芳495031600 張婕希495032240 Folding bike Summary As the increasing of oil price and unstable economy, and the decreasing of parking lot and living space, folding bike seems to be a trend in the market. It is saving energy sources and money. And protecting the earth, and making the environment better. Folding Bike is a lifestyle of going and being human — transportation solutions for your life that are practical, affordable and fun. Our exciting line of folding bicycles is performance minded with an eye towards economy. We've packed in as much as we could into our folding bikes at a price to let everyone experience the joys of Citizenship. Folding bicycles are not specialty bikes, they're bikes with a amazing bonus – portability. Citizen Bike offers a great bicycle in a small, more versatile package. Folding bikes are ideal for storage and travel. Our foldup bikes are perfect for your RV, truck, boat and airplane. And also to just enjoy the amazing convenience and versatility of folding bikes for every day and every ride. Vision Because of the folding bike. Now the bicycle market is no longer traditional in the past. bicycle has change a lot; its market need, growing potential, sale quantity, and sharing rate are more steadily. And its price is not so expensive. We hope that we can achieve our product in market need, growing potential, sale quantity, and sharing rate are high; yet it price is low. Our target market and customers are not only in Taiwan but also in the whole global. We are going to positioning our brand and product in the international market for high-level brand. Market Analysis The overall market Now, the folding bike has already gradually substituted with the traditional-bicycle in the market. As the increasing of oil price

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