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Makes your future today Business Plan Proposal Business Plan Proposal Prepared By: Muhammad Noaman (9964) Submitted to: Dr. Calvin Lee Table of Contents 1. EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY: 3 2. BUSINESS INTRODUCTION: 4 3. MANAGEMENT. 5 4. Services Provided 6 5. COMPETITORS 8 6. MARKETING STRATIGIES 10 7. OPERATIONS & SUPPLIERS 11 8. FINANCIAL PLAN 15 9. GROWTH & EXIT STRATIGIES 16 10. APPENDIX; 17 11. Bibliography 21 EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY: Javed and sons building contracting L.L.C is a Sharjah based company branched in Dubai. As the construction industry is at boom these days due to the expo 2020 so I think this is the right time to establish company in Dubai. Our specialties include building villas, residential and commercial buildings. The company’s main goal is to provide quality work in reasonable prices. It is organized by efficient, vigilant and capable staff. We own enough amounts of machineries and other necessary equipment’s required for construction.Javed and sons building contracting l.l.c has a good number of manpower that is engineers, foreman, painters, laborers, masons and carpenters. The competitors of the company include Comfort Building Cont. L.L.C, Al Mustaqbal Building Cont. L.L.C, AMZOON Building Cont. L.L.C. they are situated IN Dubai and Sharjah. But my company tries to adopt all the new techniques and designs in construction to stay ahead of its competitors. Financials Amount requested: AED 250,000-300,000 The most crucial factor to launch the Javed & Sons Building Cont. L.L.C is to provide a Quality, affordability & efficiency growth in the Construction Industry. I have AED 300,000 that I will invest in my Business. It is divided as the following: AED 100,000 for the annual renting of the Office & Warehouse. AED 20,900 for the labor salary per month. AED

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