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Entrepreneurship Business Plan 6 6/15/2012 I believe our product, eRepel, will have a bright future. The optimistic sales forecast is the best possible outcome of the sales, assuming everything goes perfect. I believe that the number of people in our trading zone is about 1,000,000 people. A lot of people in the US have a need to waterproof their electronics. Seeing as though we are the best and one of the only companies who provide this kind of technology I think that we can get at least 75% of the target market to but our product. So if we get 750,000 people buy our product which costs around $50-$90 bucks, our optimistic sales forecast would be around $38 million-$50 million dollars. The pessimistic sales forecast is the worse people outcome of the sales for that period. So if our product is not as popular as we expect it to be I think we can still get about 35% of the people in our target market to purchase our technology. 35% of the people would be 350,000 which would allow us to have sales of $18-20 million dollars. It is pretty good still but way lower than what we would like to have. The most likely sales forecast is the most realistic sales we can expect for the year. I think that our company could bring in 55% of the market to buy our product. 55% would be 550,000 customers. So I think our most likely sales forecast would be $28-30 million dollars in a year. With our company growing rapidly I think we will be able to reach the optimistic sales forecast in a few years. I believe all of these forecasts are accurate because there are not many other options out there that provide the things we do. If all goes well we can be the most successful company in the industry. I feel like credit/accounts receivable would be good for our company. Sometimes issuing customers credit is not good for up and coming businesses but I think our company could benefit.

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