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Strawberry Zone Business Plan on Strawberry Farming Submission letter 23 June, 2013. To, Department of Finance and Banking Premier University Chittagong, Bangladesh. Subject: Submission of new business plan on Strawberry farming. Dear Sir, It is a matter of limitless pleasure for us to have the opportunity to submit our Group E Business plan on Strawberry cultivation as a part of our academic activities. We have put in our maximum team effort in this group assignment. We show our uttermost gratitude for the opportunity you gave us to implement our creativity and analytical thinking skills that will help us in building future career. We therefore would like to place this project plan to you for your kind consideration. Yours Sincerely, _________________________________ ______________________________ _________________________________ ______________________________ _________________________________ ______________________________ Contents Table |Executive summary | 1 | |Introduction | 1-2 | |The opportunities and threats | 3-4 | |The product Description | 4-5 | |Market Analysis | 5-8 | |Industry analysis | 8-9 | |Competition Analysis

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