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Business plan Your business logo Business name Address 1 Address2 City/town Phone Fax Mobile Email Website Contents Page 1. Business model Introduction Current position Competitive advantage Growth plan 2. Business strategy Tactics Strategic impact Core values 3. Marketing SWOT and critical success factors Market research Distribution channels Strategic alliances E-commerce and technology Tactical promotion plan Marketing budget Credibility and risk reduction 4. Team and management structure Skills, experience, training and retention 5. Financial budgets and forecasts Profit and Loss forecast Cash flow forecast Balance sheet forecast Capital expenditure budget Break-even analysis 6. Summary 1. Business model overview Introduction A brief history of your business, or if it is a new business a brief history of your background relevant to your business idea. The purpose of your business: what business you’re in and why you started it. Identify your location and explain if this is important (or is a competitive advantage). Describe your products and services. Outline your channel to market; how do you intend to distribute your product/.service to the market? Current position Outline the current position of your business: where is your business in the business lifecycle (introductory phase, growth phase, mature, declining)? Explain what industry you operate in and where it sits in the business lifecycle (emerging Industry, growth industry, mature industry, declining industry). If you haven’t started yet, outline what you are doing at present and how it is relevant to your business. Competitive advantage Complete a competitor analysis and outline how you will offset their strengths, and capitalise on their weaknesses. Explain

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