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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 4 2. Company Description 5 3. Organization & Management 5 4. Service & Product Description 6 5. Market Analysis 7 6. Marketing Plan 9 7. Financial Plan 10 8. Conclusion 12 9. Appendix 13 Executive Summary This company is named iMusic, which provides a source for legal and MP3 downloads. It is possible to download MP3 from thousands of artists. The pricing policy provides unlimited downloads for all members. This platform also enables artists to distribute and promote their music. The company expects that the music industry is changing with the change of distribution. The main significant changes are from CD-ROM, the Internet and wireless network access to digital format and physical format. This change is taking place as the result of universal and personal computers and portable digital music players such as Apple's iPod and iTunes, and the proliferation of consumer acceptance and recognition of the legitimate digital music sales. However, the digital music

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