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Business Plan Executive Summary- Freshed Dress is a fashion store that sell the latest fashion of clothing and shoes on the market. We will sell Ed Hardy, South pole, Goochie, American Eagle, Aeropostal, Wet Seal, Forever 21, and Rue 21. In shoe we will sell Jordan's, Nike, Boots, Vans, Sperry's, Tom's, Air Max, etc..... so basically we want to satisfy our costumers and we also will order what ever is asked of us. Mission Statement- Our mission at Freshed Dress is to help our customers succeed in enduring a new wardrobe, get there fashion up to date, and just give people a new swagg. Start Up Cost- The start up cost for this venture is $75,000 $25,000(+-) Property $50,000 Material and working cost Total $30,000 Total Cost $25,000 Over Head Cost Market Strategy- I would get into the marketing business by making advertisements, news letters, and just spread the work of my business. I would survive in it because many people will keep coming to my store and I will always have the latest fashion on the market. I would advance in it by upgrading to a larger building and I will add jewelry to the store. Competitive Advantage- I have to say my biggest advantage would be that I will be the only cloths store that will sell these type of clothing's and footwear in buffalo and once the word get out about Freshed Dress people will start coming everyday all day. Matter of fact people will enjoy my store that they will be standing at the door before opening

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