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LaDairron Ward September 6, 2015 Intro Business Professor Stephens Assign1 When bringing up the discussion of the 1990’s and business there is a lot to think about such as how there have been many establishers that helped construct the business industry in the 1900’s. Besides the Great Depression that happened, the 1900’s were really good years because there was a strong growth in the economy, rising productivity and steady job creations. A lot of the businesses that were developed after the Depression helped to improve the economy. Most of the time business developers build a business just to say that they were successful at doing so. When owning a business its safe to say that you’re a successful business owner when your business is bringing in profit and also making a change to the community. Many of the jobs created in the 1900’s were strong dependent businesses and some were not steady enough to continue productivity. One person in this particular time frame that grasped the concept of business was Samuel Walton. The Chapter on “The Environment of Business” elaborates on how in the 1900’s there were many successful business owners, which then states, Sam Walton was one of those successful owners. Walton opened his first discount store in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. He founded the retail chain “Wal-Mart Which is now one of the world’s biggest cooperation’s the stores that we see now are more improved than the first Wal-Mart Superstores that were constructed in the 1900’s. Sam Walton’s ideal purposes for the Superstores were to provide customer service and offer goods that satisfied needs at low prices. These business qualities helped his business to grow tremendously and become the largest retailer in the world. Sam Walton had the opportunity to build over 10,000 stores in the United States this showed that his business, well businesses produced sales revenues

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