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DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA AND MEXICO Bob Kerfoot University of Phoenix ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ETH/316 ROBERT GENNETTE DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA AND MEXICO Before you start any of your business dealing in Mexico, One of the many things that you will need to get done would be to do some investigation of the local money, any laws and business etiquette. One thing you will need is a functioning understanding of international and professional standards. The Code of Business Conduct can show you a road map for being able to have a legally compliant and ethical workplace when you are working abroad. If you happen to be confronted with a possibility of an unsafe or unethical situation, you should at your very first opportunity report it to your supervisor, or someone that is one of the contacts that are in charge. By following the Code of Business Conduct as we all know is the right thing to do, it’s good ethical business practice no matter where or what country we are in. we are all responsible for how we are behaving and the manner we behave is how reflects on us whether it positively on both our personal reputation and the reputation of the company. And this has no matter of what our specific job title is, we are each responsible for following the ethics no matter where we are working abroad: We need to Comply with all the local applicable laws, regulations and company policies. We need to maintain an appropriate ethical behavior. We also need to alert and receptive to situations that might in activities that could be looked at by the local law enforcement are illegal, unethical, improper or could violate the Code of Business ethic Conduct for the company you work for. You also need to report suspected violations to those who are in charge whether it is with the company you work for or the company you are visiting. In

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