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The business world is made up of many family owned businesses. Many family businesses are proved not to be successful. In the Video "Someday this will be all yours," they talked about three different family businesses that struggled to be successful. They had to put a great deal of time and dedication in order to maintain and achieve their goals of the business; needless to say they sacrificed a lot. One of the families that struggles a lot with their family business and was on the verge of losing it all was the Polehn family and their Cherry Farm. The Cherry Farm was owned by the parents of Marvin and Doni Polehn. Since the children were young, they knew their fate, they knew they had to help on the farm. Even if it was something that they did not want it was something that was expected of them. This is something I do not agree with. If children are forced to go into the family business because they are in the family, it almost guarantees that they will not enjoy it as much as the parents do. They should have the choice to be involved in the family business. Consequently, if they choose to help they will enjoy it; they will be doing it because they want to, and not because they have to. The farm was unique and the family was very dedicated to the harvest that came around every year. Everything was not always as good as they wanted it to be. The family started to have several problems. The family argued a lot and the children ended up leaving the farm and working outside the family business. As time went on and the parents got older, they realized that something had to be done, so they took a step in the direction to fix their relationship with their children. They wanted this so they could work all together again. Thus, when they decided to retire they would know they were leaving the farm in good hands. There were a few different ways the parents tried

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