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Ben Oberlin Kaplan University MT140-04 December 4, 2011 Unit 4 HW Oberlin 2 After reviewing the Blitz scenario I believe that creating a new position between the CEO and the location managers will help business grow within due time. For instance being able to create a new position would alleviate Dalman from assisting the location managers. Therefore, Dalman can now concentrate on other important business matters, such as expanding his business and finding better strategies for the business to grow at a faster pace. Now Dalman needs to think about the future of his business and maybe bringing high-level managers on board to give him ideas and insight on how to reach the company’s goals on time. He will need to build a senior team that’s able manager all the critical areas of the business in order to take his company to the next level of success. In order for Dalman to decide if hiring an existing manager is the best idea he should first ask himself if this position being filled is forever or just temporary. A positive about Dalman promoting someone saves time such as filling a vacancy could take anywhere from two weeks or even several months depending on what position needs to be filled or how long the processing takes. Therefore, before considering an existing manager, Dalman and Lei must compose a job description and a job specification for the new position that is available. Then Dalman and Lie need to consider the candidate; such as does the person have the expertise, experience, or personal qualities to fill the position (Bateman and Snell, 2009)? The main advantage of hiring an existing manager is that the employee is the familiar with the company’s standards and the way the expect goals to be reached. However, if the existing manager can’t meet the requirements of the position then Dalman can hire someone

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