Business P7 Essay

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Electronic communication |Communication |Audience |Example | |Websites |The audience would be the general public because anyone|An example of websites communication is | | |can access a website that has been published online. |e-commerce because consumers can buy the | | |Some businesses would have an age restriction on their |business’s products online. A business such | | |website from purchasing certain products such as |as Magers Cider would need age verification | | |alcohol. |from the consumer for the customer to be able| | | |to buy their products. | |Email |The audience for emails would be the general public and|Businesses can use emails to communicate with| | |people who register to businesses online. When you |their consumers to notify them on prices or | | |register online they usually have an option button to |new products. For example a company such as | | |ask you if you want to receive further emails from |Amazon has a wide range of products therefore| | |them. |they would send you emails quite regularly to| | | |notify you on the new products and prices. | |Video conferencing |The audience
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