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Business Office Essay

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Team Leader
Vaughn   Preston
  * How would this room look?
Very big like in a square format
  * How would the room be arranged?
A large office desk very big roundtable file cabinets and etc for business work and meetings
  * What would the seating arrangement look like?
It would be well rounded around the round table enough for the team and extras for the visitors
  * What colors or decorating schemes would be used?
White walls wooded furniture a lot of wall pictures plenty machines basically white and wood would be the outcome.
  * How would this setting communicate non verbally what the team has set out to accomplish?
Because everybody will still have they own section so that we won’t interfere with each other when we accomplish solo work between each other and the other side of the room would be teamwork space so everybody will feel comfortable

To the team if you have any other suggestion feel free to let me know and we can move around and put everybody else’s input in side this document and repost or respond to what I have put down thank you.

The room would be large.   A large round table with chairs would be located in the middle of the   room.   I would have beige walls, pictures.   Proper lighting and proper room temperature would be necessary.   There would be a few tall plants placed in the corner.   A table would be placed against the wall for refreshments.     There would be a flip chart for writing ideas down while brainstorming.   The table would have paper, pens, pencils placed on it. The table would be in the middle of the room with chairs for everyone.   A few extra chairs would be placed along the wall.   I would like this particular room to be in the corner so there were not be so much distraction.   My color scheme would be beige.   The table would be cherry.   The room would be an open setting where everyone would feel encouraged to interact among one another.   The table would be a place where team member’s posture,...

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