Business of Restaurants Essay

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Business of restaurants 1/ Restaurants, Clubs and Bars Planning, design and investment for food service facilities Fred Lawson, 2nde edition The UK food services industry illustrates the diversity of outlets. More than in other countries in Europe, there is a high proportion of fast food / takeaway units represented by traditional fish and chip restaurants and the rapid expansion of chain hamburger, chicken and pizza operations. Conversion of public houses to serve meals has had a major impact and the increase of ethnic restaurants – particularly Indian and Chinese – has displaced many of the traditional establishments. … In terms of value of sales, food services in the fifth largest consumer market in the UK after food, cars, insurance and clothing. … Public houses: A third of the adult public of the UK visit a pub at least once a week and over half go once a month making this one of the country’s most popular leisure activities. … Fast food: Fast food/takeaway chains have made a greater impact on food services in the UK than elsewhere in Europe, mostly through the acquisition of master franchises of international brands. … Employment in the food services industry: Surveys by the HCITC show that the UK catering industry employed 2.4 million in 1992; some 9.5 per cent of the national workforce. Major employers were: pubs and bars (327.000); restaurants (295.500); hotels (289.200); clubs (138.300)… The workforce in commercial sectors was also relatively young. … 2/ Destination UK 14 may 2012 Promoting UK tourism to the world’s travel trade Issue 46 London is in front in race for tourist, By Christina Eccles: 72 % of tourists preparing their visits to the UK who are focusing their attention on London. … UK day trips provide important boost to economy, says survey, By Christina Eccles: Day trips in the UK contribute

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