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TENTATIVE SYLLABUS MGMT 595 ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY Thursdays, 5:30-9:15, spring 2009, BAFB Instructor: Dr. Bruce Walters Ph: 257-3499 E-mail: Office Hours: M-F 8-10am, & by appointment Required Texts: Required Texts: Hitt et al., 2009. Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization: Concepts and Cases, 8th ed., South-Western Cengage Learning Supplemental handouts and articles Course Description The focus of this course is on strategic management and business policy formulation and implementation. This course is designed as a "capstone course" to help you synthesize and apply knowledge gained in earlier courses. You will have the opportunity to integrate the functional concepts, skills and techniques acquired in other courses, as well as exposure to strategic management literature, and apply these skills to actual business cases. The course attempts to encourage an integrated, multifunctional "general management" perspective of the organization and its environment to develop analytical and decision-making skills needed to cope with organizational uncertainties and business realities. This requires integrating the disciplines you have already studied and applying strategic concepts to plan and solve business problems, as well as performing strategic planning at various levels. Teaching Methodology The objectives of the course will be achieved through lecture/discussions, article reviews, the case method, and individual and group presentations. The cases and presentations will be used to illustrate and further develop the principles and concepts introduced during various lectures and discussions. Note: The College of Administration and Business is dedicated to enabling each student to reach his/her potential. Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him/her from fully

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