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What advantages does your organization have? Lagenda Tours and Travel Sdn. Bhd. have a lot of advantages compare to any other tour company in Malaysia. Lagenda Tours and Travel Sdn. Bhd. contribute a lot of advantages to tourist.Lagenda organization possess many advantages.Lagenda supply classy and enjoyable tour package to tourist.New exciting tour packages to any part of the world are always offered to tourist based on recent trends and climate.Variety of tour packages are available for tourist which depend on tourist budget.Lagenda planned best schedule for the tour packages so tourist could enjoy their trip without tension regarding time management. Tour packages by Lagenda are available to anyone.Targeted demographics should be people of all ages,religion,country and under any categories either family,friends,solo traveller,couples,disabled people or old folk. Lagenda tour package describe 5 in 1 tour package which included flight tickets,lodging,food, travel and entertainment.Most popular regarding Lagenda tour package are tourist guaranteed to be satisfied with tour package,if not tourist are protected by Lagenda 5 working days money back guarantee. Tourist safety always comes first for Lagenda.Tourist safety is prime focus of Lagenda.Mini group of tourist are selected for one particular tour package so Lagenda tour manager capable to offer efficient safety services to each tourist and makes sure all tourist is around.Its extremely simple to keep an eye on small group of tourist.Lagenda makes sure tourist to gain travel insurance offered by famous AIG General Insurance Berhad Malaysia as protection if any misadventure occur during tour. Lagenda provide Malaysia emergency number to tourist and the functions are to call police, ambulance and fire when emergency appear. Lagenda keep no boundaries for disabled people and old folk to join inclusive
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