Business Morals and Sweatshop Labor Essay

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Business Morals and Sweatshop Labor The day of Internet technology continues to make shopping more and more competitive. Consumer education crated by the ability to Google product information and pricing daily challenges an organization's ability to achieve profit margins. As organizations continue to adapt to this technological market and their pricing becomes dictated by the consumers, businesses have to become more creative in being able to buy effectively. One effective decisions in which many organizations from electronics to clothing have chosen to participate in to achieve better pricing is to outsource production to other countries. Many Americans realize that this type of labor has gained the reputation of being known as sweatshop labor. The intention of this paper is to look at how consumer demands affect a company’s business decisions when challenged with ethical situations and how an organization's ethical decisions set the ethical environment. Pricing is definitely top of mind for the average consumer around the world. As American's we seek to find the most economical price but we expect to receive top wages for the hours we work. Especially during this economic downturn most people are very price conscious when it comes to purchasing products. Due to this need that we have of finding product at below expected cost but with extremely high quality standards many organizations continue to seek new and inventive ways to be price competitive. Many businesses have chosen to outsource productions to other countries. Most organizations have found that they can get just as high or higher quality at a more affordable rates from manufacturing organizations outside the US. A large concern for most people within the United States is the abuse of workers and the loss of jobs. The term sweatshop is very familiar to most people due to many organizations outside

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