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Business Models and Systems Jessie Brown BUS/210 August 1, 2014 Business Models and Systems A local business that I frequently use is called Rouse Supermarket which is a locally owned chain of grocery stores. Rouse differs from the big supermarket chains by offering locally grown fruits and vegetables, Louisiana seafood, meats, and dry goods. This grocery store is well-known for the freshness of their products and excellent customer service. Although their prices may be a little more expensive than their competitors, the company prides itself on providing fresh and local products. The company supports other local businesses by purchasing from local vendors. Rouse’s business model comprises of business commerce, business occupation, and business organization. Their business commerce consists of providing locally grown fruit, vegetables, seafood, meats and other goods for monetary trade. Rouse’s also provides catering services that provide customers with prepared foods for their events at a reasonable cost. Another part of their business model is business occupation that is apparent when you are in the store. Their employees are trained to be knowledgeable of the products sold in the store, their tasting stations in the store so that you can sample the products, and the staff always provides excellent customer service. The staff takes pride in their work, and you can tell by the service that is given to their customers. Finally, the last component of their business model is business organization. Rouse’s common goal is to support local businesses such as local farmers, fishermen, bakeries, and manufacturers by providing these products to customers. They believe that when you shop local it has more of an economic impact than shopping at the larger grocery chains. Providing locals with local products is their

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