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3 vision of Healthy Place is to provide the best products, tools, and techniques available in an attempt to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants in a comfortable, relaxing, and discrete atmosphere. The future vision the author has for the company is a vision that employees will be proud. This will be achieved by the company supporting and giving back to the community. By doing all the above Healthy Place values will help the company to achieve what is stated in the mission and vision statement. Just like the mission statement describes the type of products and services it does it in a way that will have a direct emphasis on the company’s values in the strategic process. Guiding Principles: Culture, Social Responsibility, and Ethics Healthy Place will have a value-orientated culture that will place direct emphasis on the many different cultures if its potential customers, incorporating the cultural experiences and needs into the store. The stores will have multi-cultural feel and style, offering customers a wide range of aromatherapies and candles that embrace and represent the different cultures in society. For instance, the company will offer a wide range of scents and spices that are widely used in India to relieve stress and promote a healthy balance. Healthy Place will also place their values of integrity and honesty above everything else when dealing with their customers. Healthy Place must at all times remain socially responsible while fulfilling customer’s needs. Part of being socially responsible is continuing to contribute to society in a way that will continue to sustain it. Healthy Place must ensure that they are at all timers socially and environmentally responsible. One way that Healthy Place can demonstrate that they are a socially responsible company is to treat customers, employees, and investors fairly and honestly at all times. Healthy

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