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Contract Creation and Management Simulation Memo Tammy Vinson University of Phoenix Business Law David Walker 07/27/2009   Contract Creation and Management Simulation Memo Companies have many disputes between customers and suppliers. These results are not always mutually resolved and sometimes will end up in a courtroom. Bringing a case to court can be costly and not all parties agree with the outcome. Span Systems and Citizen-Schwarz AG (CS) presents their challenges and resolution surrounding the performance, change control, communications and reporting, project structure, and the dispute resolution of their contractual agreement. A judge’s decision is made based on the interpretation of the contract language; therefore, ambiguously worded terms should be carefully reviewed before signing a contract The Memo Span Systems Memo To: Kevin Grant From: Tammy Vinson CC: Harold Smith Date: 07/27/2009 Re: Citizen-Schwarz AG Contract Going forward Citizen-Schwarz AG continues to change their original contract requirements sign offs from both Span Systems and Citizen-Schwarz AG directors will need to be implemented. Prior to Span Systems' director signing off Citizen-Schwarz AG's request, a panel of senior programmers at Span Systems will need to approve the request so that programming changes can be adequately evaluated, that way Span System programmers will be assured that timetables and schedules will be met within the agreed upon contract. If Citizen-Schwarz AG's request requires more time to meet the deliverables of the project then Span Systems and Citizen-Schwarz AG need to exercise the Requirement Change' clause within the contract. This clause is meant to formalize a change and suppose to notify and bring in upper management from both sides to handle a change request by following the Information Technology Project Methodology

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