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Business Math Banking Quiz Essay

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Below is an essay on "Business Math Banking Quiz" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Question: When opening a checking account, the authorized signer(s) must sign a check stub, which is kept on record
at the bank
Your Answer: True
Points Received: 2 of 2
2. Question: When a checking account is opened, the person(s) who will be writing checks must sign a:
Your Answer: check register
check stub
signature card CORRECT
deposit slip
none of the above
Points Received: 2 of 2
3. Question: The one who writes the check is known as the:
Your Answer: payee
none of the above
Points Received: 2 of 2
4. Question: When completing a check stub, to arrive at the ending balance, take the beginning balance and:
http://gradebook.ecollege.com/Manager/GradeD...06X$23j36$25IK&NewTS=False&Locale=&TimeZone= (1 of 4) [11/19/2009 3:10:15 PM]
Gradebook Detail
Your Answer: add the deposit and the check
subtract the check and add the deposit CORRECT
subtract the check and the deposit
add the check and subtract the deposit
all of the above
Points Received: 2 of 2
5. Question: Before a check can be deposited or cashed, it must be:
Your Answer: approved
endorsed CORRECT
none of the above
Points Received: 2 of 2
6. Question: Writing the words "For Deposit Only" along with your checking account number on the back of a check is
called a:
Your Answer: qualified endorsement
restricted endorsement CORRECT
pure endorsement
simple endorsement
all of the above
Points Received: 2 of 2
7. Question: The amount a bank charges if someone writes you a check, but does not have the necessary money in the
bank to cover it, is termed a(n):
Your Answer: statement charge
ATM charge
returned check fee CORRECT
NSF charge
all of the above
Points Received: 2 of 2
8. Question: The one who is authorizing the payment of the check is:
Your Answer: payee
none of the above. CORRECT ANSWER
Points Received: 2 of 2
9. Question: Deposits that appear on your records, but...

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