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Business Market And Business Buyer Behavior Essay

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Business market and Business buyer behavior.
  I. Business market
  1. Business buying process: the process where business buyer determine which products and services are needed to purchase and then find, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands.
  2. Characteristics: the differences from the Customers market:
  * Market structure and demand.
  * Nature of the buying unit.
  * Types of decisions and the decision-making process.
  * Compare with the Customer market, Business market has some of this:
+ Fewer buyer but larger in the scale of goods and services then the larger benefit (in the long run).
+ Geographically concentrated buyer: tend to choose the close distance partner among the alternatives.
+ closer relationships with the customers.
  3. Business buyer behavior: the buying behavior of the organizations that buy goods and services for use in production of other products and services that are sold, rented, or supplied to others. Including retailing and wholesaling firms that acquire goods to resell or rent to others for profit.
  * The model: 3 stages:
+ the environment effects: . Marketing stimuli: 4ps
                                                  . Other stimuli: Economic, technological, political, culture, competitive.
+ The buying organization: buying center implement buying decision process.
+ Buyer responses: product or service choice, supplier choice, order quantities, delivery term and times, service terms, payments.
  * Major types of buying situations:
+ Straight rebuy: a routine purchase decision such as reorder without any modification (mua thẳng sản phẩm mà không cần sửa đổi về các đặc tính)
+   Modified rebuy: purchase decisions that require some research where the buyer
wants to modify the product specification, price, terms, or suppliers. ( mua bán sản phẩm cần thay đổi một số đặc điểm của sản phẩm, hoặc lựa chọn một số nhà phân phối, cần nghiên cứu để đưa ra quyết định)
      + New task: purchase...

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