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The Educational Organization: Special Needs Research Hannah Pankey March 12, 2012 MGT415 Group Behavior in Organizations Instructor: Demetra Blacknell Educational organizations are a big part of our communities, and it is important to make sure all of our children are getting the best education possible. There is a group of children that is being overlooked, special needs children. It is important that they get just as much attention paid to their educational development just like any other child. Working in the education system with special needs children is a huge task and takes a very close and well instructed group of teachers that love these children, have patience and are well educated. Not only does it take the knowledge of the teacher but the many therapists and other people that teachers will work with to make sure these children are meeting their goals and being productive within the school day. Like within any organization there are many problems that exist but to make sure this group of people are being productive in the goals of making sure these children are getting the support and attention needed they have to be worked on and a resolution has to be made because in the end the children are why they are there in the first place. Doing my research I discovered that special education teachers are under a ridiculous amount of stress, it truly is a calling to be able to work with these children. There are high expectations for teachers that are teaching children with special needs, they are expected to give special needs children the same educational attitude as someone sitting in a regular classroom. Meaning families of these children want their child to learn skills that are important to their development and make process in the classroom just like every other child. On top of that they have to take care of their daily needs while they

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