Business Management Level 3

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Simone Jones L601/7638 1 know the employment rights and responsibilities of the employer and employee. 1.1 Identify the main points of contracts of employment :- This is an agreement between the employee and employer, it will consist of your job description, rights and responsibilities, your contracted hours, terms and conditions, rate of pay and holidays, name of the organisation, start date 1.2 Identify the main points of legislation affecting employees and employers. For employers 1. Pay pensions 2. Data protection 3. Health and safety. For employees 1. Pension 2. Pay 3. Rights and responsibilities. 1.3 Identify where to find information on employment rights and responsibilities both internally And externally. Internally they will be in your policy and procedure files, and your contract. Externally on the Government website, trade union, Citizens advice. 1.4 Describe how representative bodies can support the employer They can offer support and advice if you have a disagreement with your employer and take it to the necessary bodies. 1.5 Identify employer and employee responsibilities for equality and diversity in a business environment. As an employee you must recognise that people are different and you must ensure you don’t discriminate. Always treat everyone with respect and dignity. Always work in line with policy and procedures, ensuring good practice at all times and report any bad behaviour. As an employer is to ensure we have a safe working environment. To treat people fairly regardless of age, gender, disability, race. 1.6 Explain the benefits of making sure equality and diversity procedures are followed in a Business environment. To reduce the risk of facing discrimination claims. It will also give the team wider knowledge and experience, while providing a pleasant working environment. 2 Understand the
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