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Career Planning Business Management Katina Taylor Career Planning is a very important role that might need to be considering when achieving any goals. When we think about it my major is Business Management. I would like to share with you a few things that I’m planning to do to get me to the next level and what responsibilities I would have to take on to achieve this career. Some of the things I will consider and questions that I need to ask me. One, to achieve this career is I a manager or a leader. Some things to considered is the rapid changes in the world has altered the face of management causes managers to look for better ways of managing their employees and business incorporating the art of leadership. There are various management concepts that have emerged due to business growth, diversity, and advancement to all this will help define the business. Both manager and leader must have interchangeable skills. As I was preparing myself for my part time supervisor position at UPS the question was, ask, “What are your career plans?” As I continue my preparation for my career, I keep in mind the importance of management. Until, then I will continue my successful journey in accomplishing my goals for Business Management. Prioritizing my different life challenges. Having a positive attitude on my life challenges, staying focus on my family, career, and school. Preparing myself for advancement in my career at UPS and succeeding in my Business trying to make all the right steps to further advancement. In addition, I started my first year in college working on my degree. This will help me in both of my career goals .Where am I now in my career goals and that is on a mission to achieve all my goals. Self-motivation, self-management, and Believing in myself will get me there. GOALS Prioritizing •

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