Business Management Essay

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Introduction According to the International Labor Organization, productivity is the measured value relating inputs and outputs. There is a rise in productivity when there is an increase in outputs brought about by a lesser amount of inputs (I.L.O, 2005). To measure productivity in business we can use monetary value. A price increase of outputs occasioned by no or less increase in inputs also reflects productivity mostly in a business environment. Improvements in productivity can be brought about by many different factors, which include capital improvements, management changes, and use of new technological improvements. In any environment, be it manufacturing, service sector, financial sector, and businesses, productivity has to be a consistent feature. Failure to improve productivity leads to waste time and other resources. This contributes to slow growth rates and not achieving set goals and objectives. Many entities have adopted the new rise in information technology to enhance productivity. Using the right tools is the key to realize an increase in productivity and enhance growth. Time Management Tools Ensuring everything is done at the scheduled time requires a very high-level of discipline in time management. Poor time management slows things down and puts you behind. Time management apps and tools can be incorporated for prompt and timely delivery of goals and objectives. There are many apps available online that can be used to manage daily activities in a business environment. These web based reduce the need for sending thousands of emails or phone calls to different people by organizing all your activities in a timely manner. Cloud Storage Tools There are different cloud storage accounts available online. These tools allow you to store all your important files and fiolders in one single location for easy access whenever they are needed. Cloud storage tools

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