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Nowadays, with the considerable progress of transportation and rapid growing of economy, study abroad is not difficult for domestic students in universities or college who are eager to study overseas. More and more students choose to attend universities outside their home countries. According to UNESCO (2014), the statistic shown about 4millions of study abroad students in between 2000 to 2012. The number of students pursuing studies abroad continue to growing. There is an increasing scale of Malaysian student’s populations choose to studying in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States between 2009 and 2010 (The Malaysian Times, 2012). Studying abroad may be one of the most preferential experiences for a college or university student, because domestic students have the great opportunity to explore in new land. However, there are also other factors which should be considered before taking up such an opportunity. In my opinion, I would definitely advocate that study abroad has obvious advantages compare to its disadvantages. First of all, foreign student can make more friends around the world, and also learn about their culture and languages, or teach them about our own country’s cultures and languages. Secondly, foreign student can get more experience and broad-minded because they are consider alone after they leave their home and country to study in oversea, they learn to be more independent and learn how to adapted in other country. Thirdly, foreign student have the opportunity to try some part time-work to gain difference of working experience and good knowledge that we couldn’t know in domestic country. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to gain more pocket money during their school season break time in overseas. There is a high payment when they working in foreign country, because of the currency of country. Fourth, foreign student have the

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