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1.0 Organization Background Honda is one of the leading major and well recognizes automobile industry in globalization. The forefather of Honda was Soichiro Honda who was born on November 1906 and died on the year 1991. He was a creative Japanese industrialist and engineer. Honda well known as Japanese manufacturer started its business journey by producing motorcycles, automobiles and power products. The headquarter of Honda located in Tokyo Japan. Honda’s basic principle was respect the individual. Honda mission is sustaining universal viewpoint, committed to supply goods in extraordinary quality and rational price for global buyer’s satisfaction. In 1946 in Hamamatsu, Soichiro Honda builds up Honda Technical Research Institute for producing ancillary engines for bicycles. Besides that Honda became popular for car in the world in 1959. Honda begins automobile market by released sports car model in 1963 which is mini- sports car S500 and T360 light truck. However in 1982 Honda step in its automobile manufacture as first Japanese company in North America and begins Ohio assembly plant. Beside Japan and North America Honda operates in Asia, Europe and other Regions. The main reason Honda maintains its inclusive viewpoint because they always dedicated to contributing goods of the maximum quality, nonetheless with reasonable price for global consumer satisfaction. 2.0 Industry analysis Automobile industry significantly plays major role throughout the globalization. Middle of 1980’s this industry had experienced rapid growth in worldwide market. Automobile industry business spread throughout the global such as in North American market, Europe Market and also Asian Market as well. The world automobile industry comprehends the prime manufacturers, such Ford, Honda, DaimlerChrylser, Toyota and General Motors which function in a worldwide competitive market sector.

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