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Business Logistics Essay

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University of Florida
Warrington College of Business Administration
Information Systems and Operations Management Department
MAN 6528 (Principles of Logistics / Transportation Systems)
Instructor: Dr. Tharanga Rajapakshe
Office: Stuzin 335
Office Hours: Tuesdays 10.30 am - 12.30 pm
Telephone: 352-273-0342
E-mail: tharanga@ufl.edu

Course Objective:
The objective of the course is to study the logistics business models and a range of logistics
problems faced by firms.

Course Description:
Logistics is an important part of operations management in general, and of supply chain management in particular. Roughly put, logistics consists of all the activities that enable a business
to make its products available to consumer at convenient locations, in the required quantities,
and at minimum cost to the company. The specific topics that we shall study in this course
are: (1) Logistic Strategy; (2) Modeling and Optimizing Logistic Problems; (3) Routing Service
Vehicles; (4) Transportation in the Supply Chain; (5) Distribution Inventory Management. We
will discuss the analytics of modeling and optimizing logistics systems, as well as a range of
logistics issues faced by firms from different industries.

Course Material:
Course notes and basic lecture material will be made available online. You will be expected to
supplement this with your own notes taken in class. The text book used in class is “Ballou, R.
H., Business logistics/ Supply Chain management, 5th edition”.

There will be a few individual assignments as well as group-based assignments scattered throughout the module. There will also be two individual in-class exams.

Exam 1 (35%); Exam 2 (35%); Assignments (30%)

Course Policies:
• Attendance: Attendance is not compulsory however I encourage you to attend the class
frequently. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to learn the material covered in that
class and to find out about any announcements made or...

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