Business Level Three Stakeholders Essay

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Donors Donors are an important stakeholder in Interpal. They are an external stakeholder as are not involved with the charity. the donor influences interpal as they will put their own money in the charity and if they don’t feel that enough money is going to aid or if they feel that they aren’t doing the right thing they will stop donating the money either altogether or they will go to a different charity so it is important that interpal convinces them to put their money in the charity. Beneficiaries of aid The victims are an important stakeholder in the charity. They are an external stakeholder as they do not run the charity. The victims influence interpal as the situation that they are in will alter the aims and objectives of interpal. The victims are interested in receiving aid from interpal, aid that is convenient and for the betterment of their community. Employees An employee at Interpal is an important stakeholder. Employees work inside the business and are called internal stakeholder. The employee at Interpal is interested in a good rate of pay, as well as other benefits such as discounts. Employees also expect good working conditions; therefore expect to work in a safe place as well as having regular breaks. Employees are also interested in promotional opportunities. Employees are also interested in Interpal providing them with a secure job; therefore employees want a permanent position so they know they have regular income coming in. Suppliers Suppliers are an important stakeholder in Interpal as good relationships with suppliers can help Interpal to run smoothly. Suppliers are an external stakeholder as they are not a part of the Interpal Charity. Many suppliers attempt to create long-term relationships with customers in order to get repeat business. The better their regular customers perform, the more likely the suppliers are to get repeat
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