Business Level 3 Unit 3 P4

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1.1.1. Background: Z music is a music shop, which is fairly small. The shop specialises in Rap Music and R&B audio CD’s and playstation 2 (PS2) games. The owner Zoë Barker has kept the business running for nearly 3 years. Zoë employs only 2 other employees to run the shop. One of the employees is working full time, whilst the other employee only works on the weekends. The till is worked by Zoë herself and another employee, whilst the other employee is in the shop to provide assistance to any of the customers and also to check the stock control. At the moment the music shop only uses a paper based system to record all of the details that the business receives. The business receives around 200-300 customers a week. On the weekdays, the…show more content…
As the data is not in any specific order, the employee will have to go through all of the books until the details of the customer are found. Searching through the books can take a long time. The employee that is searching through the books might not see the data in the book. This would then result in the employee checking through the book again. This can also create frustration for the customer as they will have to wait until their data is found. Another problem for having a paper based system is that paper work is going to be everywhere and so it will take up a lot of space. What Needs To Be Found Out: The average number of customers that the shop receives will need to be precisely found out so then when implementing the system; I can allow additional space for new records to be entered. 1.1.4. Statement Of The Problem: I have spoken to the owner of the business Zoë, and she has given me the following requirements: She wants appropriate software to be used to She wants a database that allows her to check details of the
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