Business Level 3 Unit 1 E1

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E1) There are many services that are provided for children and their families. This includes Statutory, Private and Voluntary sectors. For example Beaconsfield Primary School, This setting the age range is 2-11 years old. This is a statutory sector. This means it is funded and provided by the Government and law. This provides the children to learn new and different things and they must follow the national curriculum. Another type of sector is a private setting, for example Daisy Chains Private Nursery. For this setting their age range is 3 months to 5 years. This is a Private sector which means it is an organisation that is income generated and profit making. It is also set up to provide health, education and social care services. However…show more content…
For an example a benefit would be the child gets more individual time than a child going to a state school. This is because there are many more children going to a state school than a private. By going to a Private setting will benefit the child because he or she will get more help and support with their learning. By children and families working with the Pre School Learning Alliance will help them in many ways. For example this organisation helps families who need more finical support than others, so they may only need to pay a small amount due to their personal circumstances. E3) The law created a new act in 2004. This is called the Children's Act. This act aims to improve children's services and to bring together different professions in multi displinary teams to achieve the best positive outcomes for the child and their families. It also aims to improve the welfare and safety of children. Part of the aim is to enable young people’s needs and to be identified early to allow appropriate intervention if this needs to be happened. The act is based on from the Every Child Matters with their 5 outcomes for children and young people. Which are: - Being Healthy - Staying Safe - Showing a Positive Contribution - Enjoy and Achieve - Economic Well
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