Business Level 2 Unit 8 M2

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M2 compare your choice of internal and external Documents The purpose of an email is to communicate faster and send massages to members of staff. Some features of an email include sending minutes of a meeting to colleagues. The purpose of meeting minutes is to remind colleagues of what where talked about in meeting. Some features of meeting minutes include timetables, or list of works to do. One similarity between an email and meeting minutes are sent electronically by a team manager. Minutes are important to have, otherwise staff members cannot remember what kind of jobs they were said to do. All members of staff receive their minutes. One difference between an email and meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are formal paper, which can be viewed only by the certain members of staff. Meeting minutes can be sent through E mail, which can be viewed only by the person sent to. The purpose of a letter is to send a hand or computer written, and printed out message to certain people, using mail. Some features of a letter include sending memo to workers. The purpose of a memo is * To persuade to action * To issue a directive * To provide a report Some features of a memo include. * A clear statement of purpose; * Information about what the reader needs to know * Statement of any action requested, ordered, or undertaken. * One similarity between a letter and a memo is letters content. Letters may contain secret information, for an example bank sends new credit card with new password and username, this letters contents may be viewed only by a person, which letter is addressed to. Memo can be viewed By a member of staff or colleague. The purpose of memo is to persuade to action your Subordinates. To issue a directive, or to provide a report. The letter is sent by mail. The memo may be handwritten or computer written and given
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