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Media is the way to communicate or send information to the public. Nowadays, communication became important and it is playing a big part in our everyday lifestyle. The media, better the mass media, which goal, is to reach very large numbers of people is taking more time in our life from the time we wake up until we close our eyes. It is everywhere around us. TV, Radio, Internet, smartphones, magazines and billboards are the main source of communication and receiving information. Therefore, it is more than important to understand how it works and why it is taking two-third of our time. We are influenced by what we see and what we hear. When we wake up in the morning, we automatically turn on the TV or look at our smartphone to either check the weather or know what is going on in the world. No matter what is our point of interest, we are always looking for information. This week was THE MASTERS GOLF TOURNAMENT. And Golf lovers wanted to know if Tiger Wood would play the masters. Even though you are not a fan of Tiger Woods, it is always good to know that Tiger is playing because it will bring excitement and more tickets are sold. And the media know it. We depend on media. We need to keep in touch with the world and even to be able to communicate with others. In the past, there were only 2 methods or ways of communication: personal communication where one person talks to another person and group communication where a person speaks to a group. It was the traditional way to give information. Now we have what we call Mass Communication, which is the fact to reach a huge amount of person located in different areas. This method can be achieved through technology such Internet and broadcasting. However, mass media can have good and bad impact on people. The good thing is the ability to reach people in various ways such as TV, Radio, Internet and so on. It is also a good

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