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How Canon Got Its Flash Back: The Innovative Turnaround Tactics of Fujio Mitarai tells the remarkable story of Cannon’s success in competition with Nikon and Pentax. This marvelous book analyzes how Cannon and Mitarai defeated every obstacles of the past, present and future by facilitating new technologies, new product lines and new management strategies on its steps to lead the market. The main reason behind choosing this leader is his decision making not only in personal life but in company’s life. Although a highly influential career path in medicine by his siblings, he followed his own goals to create the path for the company to rise. Mitarai’s unrivalled management style is recognized by the phrase “the MItarai way”. Mitarai is an example of score of 9,9 in the Leadership grid explained by Blake and Mounton of the University of Texas. But still he is a person with higher aspects of people-oriented behavior. After being an employee of Canon in Japan he was moved to the U.S. and become the head of North American camera sales. Under his management of President of Canon USA new products were launched expanding business in printing and copying machines. The AE-1, first 35mm affordable camera with automatic exposure which helped amateur photographers in professional photography was introduced by Canon in 1976. After graduating from Chuo University in 1961 Mitarai commenced his career as an accountant with Canon which was cofounded by his uncle Takeshi Mitarai. He has been a consistent employee to become CEO of Canon in 1997. While his tenure in America he often used to get advice from top CEOs including Jack Welch of General Electric, with whom he regularly played golf. Drive is one of the most important traits business leader should have. Fujio used drive his employees to highest motivation to seek achievement. “This must read book details how Mitarai achieved

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