Business Law1101 Baruch Chapter 4: Case #3

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Business law 1101 Chapter 4: Case #3 Facts • September 1-15th, 1993 – Carl Gorham worked for Lens Crafters as a manager making $38,000 per year. He was later offered a job with Benson Optical. • September 18th – Gorham was offered a managerial position at Benson Optical with his salary being $50,000 per year. Gorham told the COO of Benson Optical(Sue Ophale) that he accepts the position and that it he were to change his mind he would contact Benson Optical within 2 weeks. • September 20th - Gorham still has not received the packet in the mail about his new job position • September 21st - Gorham contact Benson Optical over the phone inquiring about the packet which he still hasn’t received. The administration at Benson Optical reassured him that the packet is in the mail and that the deal was finalized, so he can proceed to give Lens Crafters his final notice. Later that day Gorham called Lens Crafters to give them his final notice, they offered him a raise, which he declined. • September 21st-29th – Gorham finally received the packet from Benson Optical, but was worried about some of the documents that he had received back corrected, Gorham signed the letter of employment but did not return it due to suspicions about his employment with Benson Optical • September 30th - Ed Iwinski informed the HR department in Benson Optical that he did not want the COO position. Gorham and 3 other potential employees that were recommended by Iwinski, were informed about this news, and they were asked for their reactions. Gorham responded saying that Iwinski not accepting the position did not affect Gorham’s decision of accepting the job. When Gorham asked if Iwinski not accepting the COO position would affect Gorham’s job he was assured it wasn’t. • October 3rd – Gorham flew out to Minneapolis for Benson Optical’s national sales meeting. • October

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