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TROY UNIVERSITY eTroy BUS 5503/XTID FUNDAMENTALS OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS AND BUSINESS LAW COURSE SYLLABUS Term 5, 2011 May 23– July 24, 2011 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: LAW COMPONENT Robert L. Shoop, BA, JD, MAED 1922 Calle de Seville Colorado Springs, CO 80904-4210 Office: 719-473-4923 (Mountain Time zone) Email: Secondary Email: ECONOMICS COMPONENT Dr. Mark Wilson Adjunct Professor of Economics Email: Please put BUS-5503 XTID in subject line of emails sent to instructors. NOTE: For course syllabus posted prior to the beginning of the term, the instructor reserves the right to make minor changes prior to or during the term. The instructor will notify students, via email or…show more content…
Then, download the attached Word file/Assignmen t. You may simply add your name to the header, insert your answers after the questions, and save the file under your own name. Please remember to answer in complete sentences/paragraphs and not in bullet points or phrases. Then, Click on “View/Complete Assignment” again. Scroll past the file you downloaded. Below the comments box, there is a Browse button. Click Browse and find the saved file. Click Open and, finally, Submit. If you have trouble, or if you need the attempt cleared, please email me f or additional help. You will know that I have received your assignment when you look in the gradebook and under the Assignment you see an "!" which means "needs grading." A padlock symbol means that something happened and your assignment did not submit properly. Please email me if this occurs. EXAMINATION SCHEDULE & INSTRUCTIONS: A proctored final exam will be given for both the economics and law components of the course. The exams will consist of multiple choice and essay questions and include all information covered in each component. The exam will be administered via Blackboard. A password will be needed. The exam

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