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9/17/13 Business Law 362W Case Caption: Vollgraff v. Block. Court: Supreme Court, Special Term, Suffolk County. Date: October 26, 1982 Citation: 117 Misc.2d 489, 458 N.Y.S.2d 437, (Sup.Ct.Suffolk Co.1982) Fact: Attorneys Hull, Black and Grundfast formed a partnership for the practice of law on 1 November 1975. The law firm received a personal injury case from Robert Vollgraff on 10 July 1976. The partnership of the law firm was dissolved on 31 December 1976 by mutual agreement. No successor firm was formed,, and each of the partners went on their separate way. The dissolved of the law firm cause Vollgraff’s personal injury lawsuit was not filed prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Vollgraff has sued Hull, block and Grundfast for legal malpractice. Issue: Whether Block is liable or not for any acts or omissions after 31 December 1976, which is the day the law firm was dissolved. Decision: The court found that dissolution of the law firm was ineffective to terminate the obligations between their clients. Reasoning: On 31 December 1976, the partnership of the law firm was dissolve by mutual agreement. This basically means the beginning of the winding up…show more content…
However, Block argument that dissolution of the firm releases him from any liability in malpractice occurring after dissolution, but dissolution does not discharge anyone from obligations previous to the dissolution, only to obligations happen after the dissolution. His argument can be effective if he is in normal business relationships between partnerships and third persons. However, the court stated that the relationship between a law partnership and its clients is not a normal business relationship; it is a trust relationship and requires a high degree of reliability and good

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