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Licensed to: iChapters User Licensed to: iChapters User In this book . . . STUDY TOOLS that help you make the grade C A S E I N PO I NT Patricia Ostolaza and José Diaz owned a home on which they had two mortgage loans and a home equity line of credit provided by Bank of America. Anthony Falcone called them and said that he could refinance their mortgages in a manner that would reduce their monthly payments. Falcone said that he represented Bank of America when in fact he represented Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. At the closing of the new loan, the homeowners were given all of the relevant documents, including the TILA disclosure statement. The documents accurately stated the monthly payment under the new loan, which was higher than the couple’s original payments. The homeowners later filed a lawsuit against Falcone and Countrywide Bank, alleging fraud. The trial court dismissed the suit, and the appellate court upheld the dismissal because the homeowners had been given the opportunity to read all of the relevant documents, but had not done so.3 ᭣ Short Case in Point examples in every chapter make it easy to remember important legal concepts. ᭢ Concept Summary boxes located at key points in each chapter help you review more effectively for exams. C HAP T E R 2 41 Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution Type of Court Description Trial Courts Trial courts are courts of original jurisdiction in which actions are initiated. 1. State courts—Courts of general jurisdiction can hear any case that has not been specifically designated for another court; courts of limited jurisdiction include, among others, domestic relations courts, probate courts, municipal courts, and small claims courts. 2. Federal courts—The federal district court is the equivalent of the state trial court. Federal courts of limited jurisdiction include the bankruptcy courts and others 8/26/10

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