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Statutory Offenses The phrase of crimes are statutory offenses means that an illegal crime was committed that violated a criminal statute (Mallor, J., 2013, p.130). In order to convict a person of any wrong doing that violated a crime, the plaintiff’s lawyer has to provide evidence of the criminal act committed, demonstrate substantiated evidence that would show beyond any doubt that the defendant committed the act, and prove that the defendant was fully capable of engaging himself in the criminal act of what he/she is being accused of (Mallor, J., 2013, p. 130). Any kind wrongful behavior is not considered a crime, unless Congress or the state legislature has criminalized it (Mallor, J., 2013, p. 130). An example is, Killing vs. United States; after four months when Jeffrey Skilling’s resigned from Enron’s Corporation it went into bankruptcy (Mallor, J., 2013, p.133). A Federal Investigation was filed, uncovered an elaborate conspiracy to prop up Enron’s short-run stock prices by overstating the company’s well-being (Mallor, J., 2013, p.133). Jeffrey Killing was the former president and chief operating officer of Enron, he had employees that assisted him in the wrong doing (Mallor, J., 2013, p. 133). A Federal District Court jury found Jeffrey Killing guilty of 19 counts of fraud, including conspiracy to commit honest-services wire fraud (Mallor, J., 2013, p.133) Criminal Intent Criminal Intent means when person intents to do something wrong that is against the law (Criminal Intent Law & Legal Definition, 2014). Majority of serious crimes committed by people require mens rea, or criminal intent, as a constituent (Mallor, J., 2013, p. 136). Several of the criminal statues require evidence that the person intentionally committed the crime, because the crime could have been committed by Recklessness or Negligence (Mallor, J., 2013, p.136). Also the there

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