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After reviewing the article on I found a lot of them interesting but the two that really resonated with me are whistleblowing and education. I feel these are some hot topics in the U.S. right now and more over in my state when it comes to education they just took all our public schools to the common core program this year and it has been a dramatic change for my friends and family with children and for those children having to change their way of thinking. Whistleblowing is a hot topic because it is one of the main ways of finding out about workplace misconduct. Some of the problems that are faced is whistleblowing can care high personal risk in some countries. In fact most countries have laws in place to protect the whistleblowers, but it may be hard to actually protect them from being terminated because in the United States for example there are a lot of at will states. Meaning the company can fire you for anything they would like they don’t have to give a reason why just that they are terminating that persons employment. Some ways to overcome the stigmata associated with whistleblowing would be to educate the public on how coming out with the wrong doing can benefit everyone. Education has been in the news a lot in the United States with a lot of the for profit schools coming under fire. Some of the issues are stolen resources from education budgets mean overcrowded classrooms and crumbling schools, or no schools at all. Books and supplies are sometimes sold instead of being given out freely. Schools and universities also ‘sell’ school places or charge unauthorized fees, forcing students to drop out. Teachers and lecturers are appointed through family connections, without qualifications. Grades can be bought, while teachers force students to pay for tuition outside of class. In higher education, undue government and private sector influence

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