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Business Law-Case Study 1. Plaintiff is the person or an organisation which files a complaint against someone in the court, for breaking the laws or harming the interests. In this case Infinity Artists Management, Inc. is the plaintiff as it took sienna to the court accusing her for the breach of contract. On the other hand a defendant is the one who is accused of doing something wrong or harming someone’s interests and defends oneself in the court, as Sienna is the one in this situation. The phrase “judgement for whom” describes that it is difficult to decide whether the plaintiff or the defendant is right, and among them who should be the one who clear all of its charges and complaints legally from the court, who should get the justice as both sides are almost equally strong with their position. Thus it is a situation when it is challenging to give a final formal decision given by a court or a superior authority after keenly observing the case of both the parties that who deserves the justice, it becomes difficult to give the final judgement. 2. Sienna signed a formal agreement with IAM, which legally makes it sienna’s agent and to receive 15% of her earning. She continues to pay IAM 15% of her earning even after the expiry and then she asked for the termination of already expired contract. IAM booked future concerts and have paid sienna for 22 out of her 25 concerts, and she refused to pay 15% of her earning from these concerts as she asked for termination and the contract was already expired way before she asked. IAM took sienna to the court for not fulfilling the contract clause of paying 15% commission. However there is no such clause in the agreement if there is no renewal of the contract IAM or Sienna will continue to give or receive the services. Similarly there is no condition mentioned that what will happen after the expiration of contract. 3. The

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