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Business Law Essay

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Chapter 2 &; 5 Assignment

Chapter 2 Discussion Questions #7-10

7) Bluffing is unethical in the business. However, if it’s a private life matter then under some circumstances, it is ethical such as if you are saving a life of somebody then bluffing helps in this situation as given in our textbook (pg 36), where McGrath was grateful to Tyler Dodd for his lie about recovering from a sharpened wound in Afghanistan, as his lie gave her hope and strength when she was suffered during Boston Marathon bombing. In this case, both Mill and Kant would say it is unethical to bluff for the profit of the company. I am asking the concessions from the labor because my plant is operating losses over the past several years and the labors are refusing any compromises hence both Kant and Mill would say it is unethical and not right at all to lie for the sake of my contract and get the recovery or concessions from the labors. If I will know that my decision will be posted on the front page of the news then I will not lie or bluff, as it would harm my reputation thus causing more losses on the plant. My Life Principle would tell me not to bluff as I have made myself clear that I would never cheat or steal or lie for the sake of my job or profit for the business.
8) Yes it does seem that trafficking women and children was in keeping with the founders’ personal ethics code. Their options were that either to close the sex section of its website or to go ahead with the prostitute ads which is the greatest source of the founders’ company revenue. And it turned out they went ahead with the doing illegal business services which is selling the ads of trafficking women and children for sex on their websites - Craigslist. Yes any businesses who are promoting or dealing with this kind of dirty, thriving industry of sex trafficking of women and children, have had real and huge impact on their business. So craigslist definitely have had real impact on this thriving industry as billions of...

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