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3. Real Estate Investments, Inc., which owns and manages an office building, enter into a contract with Secure Insurance company that Secure Insurance would lease the building for five years. Under the lease, Secure is required to pay all of the utility costs. However, after a year, Secure asks Real Estate to modify the lease and split the utility costs equally between them. Real Estate agrees, but later change its mind and refuse to pay the utility costs. The Real Estate and Secure had contract and it has been performed for a year. Real Estate agreed to Secure’s suggestion of paying half of the utility, but there is no evidence that the modification has been written on the contract or not. Unless the modification is included in the written contract between the two parties, the Real Estate is not bound to pay the utility cost. If Secure and Real Estate has a new written contract with a modified rule of sharing the utility costs, Real Estate have to pay the half of utility. However, if there is no written contract between the two parties, Real Estate doesn’t have to pay the utility. 4. To celebrate a football victory, Bekins brought his friends to the Lone Star Restaurant. He ordered four rounds of drinks and the bar bill exceeds $200. When Bekins realized that the restaurant’s bartender’s, Moffitt’s, license has expired, he refused to pay the bill because the contract is unenforceable. The state where the Lone Star Restaurant is located requires a person to be over eighteen years old to buy alcoholic beverages and a yearly license for a person to serve and prepare liquor in the form of drinks in commercial establishments. Also, there is an implied contract relationship between the restaurant and Bekins. If the bartender did not renew his license on purpose, he is guilty of misdemeanors. The contract is enforceable and Bekins has to pay the bill.

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