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Weekly Reflection This week I learned mostly about the category of laws. Civil law and criminal law are similar in nature, but have different consequences. Civil law is designed to award damages due to another parties conduct. If one party builds a fence on another parties land and the second party did not want it there, it would result in a civil case. Criminal laws are designed to protect the society as a whole. The breaking of criminal laws can result in hefty fines and time in jail. If a party decides to drink and drive, this breaks criminal law, and this person could be arrested. Substantive laws provide people with rights and create certain duties. Procedural provide a structure and set of rules for pursuing substantive law (Melvin, S. P, 2011). Statutory law stems from the authority of legislature where as common law is derived from the courts. Common law cases are usually decided by using previous court cases. The Bill of Rights preserves the rights of the individual U.S. citizens, and in some cases U.S.–based businesses, from unlawful acts of government officials, freedom of speech and religion, prohibition on random searches, and others (Melvin, S. P, 2011). I am having a little trouble understanding all the legal terms, but I have been getting a general grasp on the reason business law exists. Reference Melvin, S. P. (2011). The legal environment of business: A managerial approach: Theory to practice. New York, NY:

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