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BUSINESS LAW FINAL PROJECT STANISLAV PETROVSKI Essay Date: 11.12.2008 Course: Business law Instructor: Charlie Lamento Ltd. Company The company that I will elaborate data on will be a real estate company. It is named Phoenix Ltd. and represents a limited liability company. The company is incorporated l in Skopje (Macedonia). Its objective is to build new objects like apartments for living, business offices for renting, houses for living. Nevertheless it deals with renovation of old buildings and flat rentals. The place of incorporation will include an office, with all administrative equipments and is the place where all head quarters are located. The aforementioned subjects of business are all located in the capital of Macedonia. This city can offer many kinds of entertainment such as theaters, shops, malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs and cinema. Concerning the public transportation it is very easy, because you can choose the bus and the taxi is very cheap so everyone can afford it making a good business climate. Also the only air port is located in Skopje. All of these aspects make Skopje very unique with a big demand for living. This city is also famous for the fact that many foreign countries bought properties to build real estate for embassies, general consulates, commercial representative and accommodation of the stuff taking into consideration that the government has implemented a flat tax regime of 10%. Everybody knows that each embassy is covered by police that means that this place is much safer and with lower level of criminality. Every foreigners coming to Macedonia is informed that the Skopje is the safest city in Macedonia. The real estate business is in and of itself demanding for consumers and thus is a safe market for conducting business. Nevertheless, property is considered as fixed assets. Despite the fact

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